The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Thursday, May 16, 2019

2. Oh. Slow x5 ( Sectionals 800 1600 4x400)


: 5.75 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Medal Hunt: Last Stop

Rough fucking day. Woke up ad I felt pretty good, not great but not too bad. My legs were not too sore, but I felt a bit sick for some reason, why I do not know. School was quick and after lunch I got my stuff and we headed to the bus. It was raining pretty hard and it was expected to rain for a while however,it stopped by the time we got to Niles West. I put on tights under my sweatpants to make my legs feel better. I got some good RPR and I was feeling good. I watched a solid 4x8 and watched some disc. Oof. Henry had a sick throw and won by a lot. I watched the slow heat of the 3200 then BZ and I warmed up. We went on the xc course and I felt fair. We got our spikes and stuff after the warmup and then went into the stadium to do continuous. I got some breathing RPR and then did continuous barefoot with BZ. I felt good. The rain and clouds had completely disappeared and it was warm and sunny out. While I was about to get my spikes on, Spencer Werner REALLY wnated to talk to me, kid's just like Joe. Scott was getting us hyped and I could tell he was excited. Some kid didn't make it in the 110s and he went SICKO MODE on his coach. Big oof. I was able to be relaxed but I was zoned in. I knew I would have to get out in 56 to have a good race. I did everything and got a bit of water on my head. I was ready to qualify for state. We did our run out and I did a slow start stride. I did the usual stuff and got on the line. I was in the second Super Alley, the one with Houser. The gun went off and John Tiereny (ND) took off and dropped the field by 200, but I was not worried and no one else was. I cut in and was in the pack with Houser. With 450 to go, I was feeling good and I slid into second, past the rest of the pack. It was kinda windy on the homestretch but I khad started my push and there was no looking back. We were out in like 56. I knew the field was with me, but I didn't know who and how close. With 250 to go, Houser went past me and he took some people with him. Just like that, my state spot had left me. The last 200 was a struggle as I eventually slid into 7th place and finished in 2:00.46. Fuck me. I was pissed, super mad. Scott tried to calm me down but I was still seething. We decided I would run the mile. I got on my trainers and left the track. I said hi to my parents and a few others and then went on my cooldown/warmup. I ran a bit more than a mile by myself on the course. I had to use the porta potty and I felt a bit nauseous in there but I was fine when I got out. I drank a lot of water and got ready for the mile. I wasn't planning on doing the 4x4, just the mile as one last hurah. I checked in and did continuous. It was a little of this, a little of that. I got some RPR just tomake it as easy as possible. I did I got my spikes on and was readyish to race. I had absolutely no expectations for this race, just gonna give it my all. I was ready to suffer, but ready to for it. We did our runout and I could hear people yelling for me. I went kinda slow down the stretch, tyring to soak it all in. The gun went off and I locked right into the pack. Out in the easiest 65 I've ever run. I heard Mimi the whole time. I felt like I was jogging, then I wasn't. It git real hard real quick. I fell off the pack a bit after the first lap when the coaches yelled at Kasch and Rosa to take it up a notch. I came in at a 2:17 and a 3:31 so I was dying. On lap three I passed a Hersey kid so I got out of last. I was just focused on not finishing the race in last. I closed hard and I was tired. I ran 4:44 to get 17th overall. For the most classic of all classic things, so classic that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself wrote another symphony, I would have easily scored in the 1600 and probably could have qualified. So classic. I wanted to do the 4x4 so I did. I got ready for what was sure going to suck. We ran out and I went slowly again and they played a song that actually got me so hyped. I got in line and waited. Jude gave me the stick after a sick leg and I went for it. I got out hard with the Hersey kid chasing me but I was not gonna let him have it easy. With 200 to go I remember thinking that it was my last 200m and I went HAM. I was so tired when I finished. 54, my second fastest ever. Nice. Joe and I cooled down barefoot for a mile on the turf. I sat for a bit and just took it all in, my last High School meet. I talked with my parents and then Grace. I watched the end of disc finals and then the team had a quick meeting. It was sad. THThee bus ride home was somber, but hopeful. Overall, the meet did not go how we wanted,there were some solid performances like those of Ben, Henry, and Ryan Bernstien, but many people were not satisfied. The sport owes you nothing, just remember that. It sounds harsh, but staying humble keeps you from turning into a self absorbed douche, trust me. We got some potle with a fun group, a last supper of sorts. I was sore as FUCK after a brutal triple. No better way to close it out. The most important thing that I took away from this meet, was how much the DFDC can change you in such a short time. After xc sectionals, I was destroyed. Brett remembers probably better than I do because anger was clouding my judgement, but I remember reacting worse to that than I have ever reacted to anything. However today, I was able to remain calm and collected. I was able to maintain my composure in a time of great distress. This was not something I had six months ago, it was something that I learned. Up until your last race in a Deerfield singlet, and probably way after. The DFDC and sport of running will continue to change your life. I have grown so much over the four years I have been on this team, and I have seen the team grow as well. My freshman and sophomore years, the team was not in a good place. Shifts in coaching, a constantly small team, and a lack of culture was there. The team was still partially living in the shadow of the 2015 State Team. Since then, the team has gotten so much better in so many aspects. Numbers, culture, fun, and speed have increased by so much that it is crazy to think of what the team was like when I joined. The scale of the growth is crazy. There are so many lessons to be learned and you will continue to learn them up until your last race ever. My four years on this team are something that I will take with me everywhere, into college and beyond. So many people have been there for me and I thank you all for that. The one person I will say by name is Brett. For four years, Brett has been there for me, supported me, helped me, encouraged me, and been the greatest teammate I could have ever asked for. There were plenty of times where Brett would put his own life on the backburner for me and I cannot thank him enough for that, I really can't. You my day one.


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    And please someone finally score at Sectionals