The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Daily Note

Medal Hunt

Today was nice. Ben and I met up at 10:30 to get our run done. We had talked yesterday about running fastish on CTs and so we ran pretty quickly today. We ran six mile James at a FAST pace, but it felt good. We saw both Lackner twins, The Zamler parents, Lucas Wathen, Tom Healy, and more. It was pretty fun. It was pretty windy on the way there, and kinda bad on the way back as well. We had pretty good time, it was warm out but I wore tights so my legs would be warm. Ben tried to outback me but he didn't have the wheels like Kruse. We stretched and got some glyc while watching MLB top 20. Solid day. Gonna be extra precautious about my body these next few days so I can be in the best shape possible for Thursday, time to get after it!