The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Friday, May 10, 2019

Hose Mad (Conference 1600 4x400


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Daily Note

Medal Hunt: Stop 7

We finally (officially) out here. School was fun, it was my last time doing the dressup so that was wack. I went home during 8th because I forgot my headphones at home so I charged my phone and chilled for a bit. Got to the bus and then left for the meet. Coach Brown talked to the captains before the meet about locking in because nothing is guaranteed. I got RPR and watched the races and field events. The Maine West kid jumped 6' 7", it was absolutely nuts. The 4x8s and 3200s were pretty solid, loved to see big points being put up. 4x1 handoff was botle, but when is it not. Throws was 1-2, no shocker. 1-3 in 110s which was hype, big spect to Adam Shore. I watched the sick 800s which included big mrs from all four, especially Wallk. That 2:03 was nuts, .54 out of 2nd place. Obviously spect to BZ for winning. I warmed up with Brett and Josh, but Josh went dipski so yeah auight. Brett and I went out 7:30 and came back in about the same time. I used the bathroom then got my stuff and got ready for the race. Iw as able to do full continuous plus breathing RPR which was good. I got my spikes on and I was ready. Earlier in the meet, Dana had told me he had heard from a bunch of people that Jose ran 4:26 in a mock meet, but I knew it was phony. Either he was trying to rattle me or people from HP were just lying, the attempt to mess with me failed. We got on the line and I did my stuff, but didn't have time for B-Bone O'Clock or to smile so I just too a deep breath and went. Jose took the lead, fine by me. I went right off of his right shoulder and chilled. 67 and a 67, I felt great. I was going smooth and then Josh slid ahead of me around 1.5 in. I chilled behind the two of them and then with around 550 to go I took the lead and went. I charged hard and used the shadows to see where people were in relation to me, especially on the rock like 50m in. With 300 to go, I made my final hard move, but I felt like Josh was still coming so I pushed. The last 50 I felt my legs get super lactic-y and I came into a 4:28, fair. I won and Josh was second in 4:32, nice! Poly was third and Jose ended up finishing 5th. I didn't have muchh time before the 4x4. Oof. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I didn't want to be a little baby bitch boy and not run it so I got some calf and breathing rpm, did a bit of continuous and got on the line. This race was stole for two reasons: First Shabban didn't move out of the way then said something that was super not okay to BZ and second, I ran like trash. 58.9 is not my best. I just locked up. I really couldn't move my legs any faster. We finished fourth in the relay and won the meet, nice. I cooled down .75 on the track with BZ and Wallk. Big ups to Dana for taking the time to personally apologizing to us for what happened during the 4x4, great kid and I wish him nothing but the best. The bus home was a ton of fun. Signed my third trophy, something nobody but Sam, Henry, Frydman, and Big can say. Dennys was lit again. Now, I'm focused on Sectionals. I KNOW I have what ti takes, time to silence that haters.