The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Thursday, May 09, 2019

4x2 this summer?


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Daily Note

Medal Hunt

Today was botle sauce. I had to film something for DHS Media and TV after school so I went home during eighth to run. FMG, you already know. It was pretty nice out, ben though Coach Brown said these past two days would be bad wether. It was so nice I ran shirtless and actually sweat quite a bit. I felt really good the first half, but my lower right calf felt a bit off on the way back so I chilled. I think I positive split a Deerfield Waukegan for the first time! I stretched at home and had some glyc then the people I was filming with told me we were filming at 5:30 so I actually would have had time for practice, oh well what can you do. I went to practice anyways and got a lot of RPR and talked to Jacob Avenaim who I haven't seen in a minute. I got more RPR and booled before dipping to the shoot. It took way too long because Middle Bizzle is a surv and very botle. I got Noodles and had it, spect. Got the crackers for Brett, got my mind right to win. Conference Jose is never a joke, so I gotta run hard for glory!