The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Saturday, May 04, 2019

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Today was a nice run. We had practice at 9 and we started it with watching jump offs for Conference which as cool. Then I went to go run with a massive group that included Brett, Ben, BZ, Joe, Jeremy, Jonah, Charlie, Declan, and Coach (sorry if I forgot you). We started with ~nine miles of Clavey, all together. It was mad toxic for a bit because YNW Champion and PND Kraemer were reviewing an album and it was awful. They were fine once we got onto Deerfield Road though, so only of few miles of botleness. We had a lot of fun and we went at a solid pace too. I was a bit hungry at the beginning, but I was fine after a while. We talked about a wide variety of things, including freshman mileage. Kids these days don't even know how hard The BROgram was smfh. When we finished up the first part, I went to do two miles out and back into The Slough by myself. I ran a bit longer than a mile to make the run exactly 11 miles, just mapped it out and it was exactly 11. Nice. Coach forced me to drink many cups of choocy milk after the run to get all the proper nutrients I need after a run. We had the BBQ today and that was fun. My last one and we (Wallk, Schurgin, and Jude) went out with a two game win streak against the freshman sprinters and Blue Lagoon however, when I came up clutch against Road Trip Rejects (yeah, I said it) no one else did :(. Solid day, got some new trainers so that is nice. Three big weeks coming up, let's make them count!