The daily log of Bradley Brodsky for Thursday, May 02, 2019

Aho Country (800 4x400)


: 6.75 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : : 0.0

Daily Note

Medal Hunt: Stop 6

Today was a decent day. It was my birthday so that was neat. School was fair and we got called out after 7th so we could get to the meet in time. We didn't leave as early as we wanted because Josh forgot he was called out smfh. When we got there, Brett and I tried to use the bathroom inside the school, but the Grayslake Central Grubb say no way, Jose. We set up camp in the Grayslake dugout and then Brett and I sued the bathroom, no DFDC meeting. We hung out in the dugout, I got RPR, had a DFDC meeting, a chilled with the boys. It stopped raining so that was nice, but it was still a little chilly so I put on my 32 below, tights, and a hat. I watched shot and jump in possibly the worst shot and jump area I have ever seen for SO many reasons. I watched the 4x8 which was spect and the 3200 where Ben ran 10:00 which as an oof. I warmed up a mile out and a mile back with BZ and then hit up the bathroom again one more time. Here is where today became an oof. I did not have nearly enough time to do continuous. I did maybe 4 30 yard stretches and a stride before I had to get my spikes on and strip. We got on the line and I was in the first alley with BZ and a kid from Stevenson. The gun went off and I got into first for our alley in about 30m. When we got to the cut in, Purdhan went right to the lead and put a gap on everyone instantly. A second pack formed with Meyers in it and I should have gone with them, but I did not and I was stuck leading pack three. 200 was 28 and 400 was 59, too slow. I should have been with pack two, but I wasn't and dug myself a hole. With around 220 to go, BZ cam up on my right and that woke something up in me and I went HAM. I started to catch the pack and Meyers was coming towards me. I was right next to him at the line and tried to outlean him but unfortunately I didn't. We both ran 2:00.47, but he had already raced. I ran like complete garbage and I know I'm better. I talked with Coach as I got on my trainers and sweats and I know my game plan for next time. Out in 56-57. No if, ands, or buts about it. I cooled down with BZ on the turf, he ran well getting 8th in 2:03, a new PR! We both pr'd so that is nice. After about a mile, he dropped back and did ten minutes, a bit slower and I did two miles. I finished up two miles and then got RPR, ate some chocolate chip banana bread, drank water, and chilled. I saw some solid races, the best easily being the insane Libertyville wheelchair kid getting sat on then outkicked. That was nuts. Joe, BZ, and I warmed up a mile on the turf before doing FULL continuous. The difference was so noticeable. We were in heat 2/3 so we had solid competition. HP was in our heat. Joe led off with a 57 and BZ popped a 54.9 which was solid. BZ passed the HP kid on his leg, but Jose wouldn't let Jude get in front of him, so Jude had to shove his way into his spot. When we were getting on the line, Jakey French says "I'm gonna beat you this time" "Okay chief" "You got me indoors, but I'm gonna get you this time". Then Jude dropped a 53 "Okay, maybe you just barely beat me". I got the stick and took off. My race plan was to get out as hard as I possibly could. With 200 to go, I was closing in on the LZ kid and was trying hard to reel him in. We finished in 3:39.57 to LZ's 3:39.42 and HP was over 5 seconds behind us. I split 52.9. Nice. I cooled down on the turf, my first lap with no shoes because I forgot the turf was wet so I changed socks then finished up my mile with Joe and BZ. Then we went dipski. The ride home was fun as we memed around. Brett and I had the chocolate caramel swirl peeps and they were solid. Then the carpool went to Shell so I could buy a lottery ticket. I payed $5 and won $15 for a net gain of $10 in the only lottery I will ever do, going out on top. Today (Friday) I talked with Kauffman and he said based on my 4x4 split, I need to get out in 56-57. This backs up what Coach said last night and I have the game plan set. Championship season starts now, only have a few more races in The Block D left, gotta make them count!