The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Tuesday, April 13, 2021



: 7.20 Mile(s) : 00:55:00 : 00:07:38.33 /mile : sunny barefoot turf doubles : 0.0


: 9.25 Mile(s) : 01:00:00 : 00:06:29.18 /mile : sunny barefoot turf doubles : 0.0

Daily Note

AM- Went by myself towards lake trails. Felt like I needed to run alone this morning and in hindsight, it was actually really beautiful.

PM- 3:03-2:59-64-64-64-64-2:56-64-64-64-66(had to shit)- 2:55-2:51. Last one instructions were to negative split 72-68-32. Jaime and I ended up doing 70-68-33, so close enough. Also got into the 10K at the Drake Relays, so going to try and put last week behind me and look forward to a fun race there.