The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Friday, April 02, 2021

pre-dual, i'm a huge shit talker


: 7.27 Mile(s) : 00:57:30 : 00:07:54.55 /mile : sunny barefoot turf doubles : 0.0


: 6.72 Mile(s) : 00:48:00 : 00:07:08.57 /mile : sunny barefoot turf doubles : 0.0

Daily Note

AM- ran lake trails with Will. Good run despite feeling sleepy after waking up. Running a 1500 at a dual meet with Indiana State tomorrow, and honestly this is kind of pathetic but I've been talking a ton of shit with Robby for like the last 10 days about who's going to win this 1500. It's pretty funny, because it's such a small meet, but all of the talking trash honestly has me hyped to run this 1 heat 8 man race. Racing is all the same, regardless of the venue so looking to seize the day. These last two weeks I've felt like I've been ready to roll. Looked back at some of the workout splits that coach has on eiurunning from February and remember how much I was struggling post injury, now I'm able to comfortably run 3:00 K's and 28" 200's. Don't know if I've been in as good of a spot as this before, so let's make it count!