The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Thursday, April 01, 2021

feeling fresh


: 11.41 Mile(s) : 01:22:30 : 00:07:13.82 /mile : sunny barefoot turf doubles : 0.0

Daily Note

Could've ran this morning, but woke up like 30' before class so opted not to which is fine. Feels weird not doubling two days in a row. Honestly feel kind of lazy to tell you the truth, but I'm still getting some decent running in. Ran the first 3 with Sam, busted open a locked portapottie (nice), and then Sam biked the last 7ish with me. Did strides in the last mile on the track with Jeremy and felt pretty good on those. L achilles has been feeling kind of weird with some kind of tightness on lateral L leg. Doesn't feel serious but kind of annoying, so might have to ice a little bit or take ibuprofen. Hoping it continues to stay tame.