The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Sunday, August 04, 2019

fuck you boulder


: 11.50 Mile(s) : 01:21:00 : 00:07:02.60 /mile : the gouchers : 0.0

Daily Note

the worst run of summer for one reason. it wouldve been fantastic if I didn't have to shit. I'm in boulder rn so I think that's like what 6000 ft or something, but the altitude had no effect on me. my lungs and heart are conditioned really well I think so running at a decent pace didn't feel wrong at all, I went like 6:55-6:28-6:16 and I honestly was planning on running around 6 flat for the rest of the run and going about 100 mins but I had to be back by a certain time so since I had to stop and shit behind some bushes and then try to shit in aporta pottie several times and then stop every 3 mins because I had to clench my shit back in... for those reasons I did not have a long run and I barely had a consistent run. horrible way to end a good week. It seems like I'm over reacting but I couldve made it to the flatirons or the college campus which I haven't seen yet and I really wanted to just hammer out a sub 5 to finish it off. This next week it's going to be a lot lighter I think because I'm on vacation. I want to run a lot here, I really do, but it's just going to be hard to fit in a lot of running especially since Brendon isn't a runner anymore and my dad isn't either and I don't want to take away from this incredible experience. Once I get home though I'll be back on my same bullshit. good core before I went to bed, and I guess if a bad week means I'm over 100 then I should stop being a bitch