The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Wednesday, July 31, 2019

willy boy I miss you


: 13.05 Mile(s) : 01:31:37 : 00:07:01.22 /mile : ass shoes : 0.0


: 4.25 Mile(s) : 00:30:00 : 00:07:03.52 /mile : ass shoes : 0.0

Daily Note

AM- ran with a big group of coach butler, earp, Dustin, Jeremy, Robby, Austin Ames, David, and Marc. we were running a woodys 10, and when we got to titty buster Dustin told coach butler it was a segment so coach butler started sprinting and he was super winded when he got to the top of the hill and then Dustin told him it actually wasn't a segment on strava and butler got pissed. it was pretty funny. I ended up helping him make the segment on strava and coach butler now has the #1 time by 16 seconds; beating everyone on the team. finished with earp at 13. Had foot pain again today it was nagging through the whole run. I went to the trainers after and she says no fracture but to just ice the tendon. taking that with a grain of salt for now. also did hurdles and drills.

PM- biked probably like 5 or 6 miles with nick. Then I biked to the track and decided to test my theory on my foot. I ran on the turf at O'Brien for 30 mins barefoot and had no pain at all. so I think that means my shoes are hurting my foot. I felt the inside of ass shoes after and ass shoes have this little plastic notch on the inside that digs right into that spot. stupid ass shoes. also this reminded me of a run I would do with will because it was later in the day and plus we always did turf cooldowns together. soon enough we will be doing illegal doubles again