The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Sunday, July 28, 2019

Midnight Country


: 17.00 Mile(s) : 02:02:59 : 00:07:14.05 /mile : ass shoes : 0.0

Daily Note

got to Charleston around 8pm, dropped my stuff off at Riley's house and we got started around 8:30PM on a God's Country backwards. It was already super dark a couple miles in and then it just kept getting darker. John McInerney was the true MVP of this run dropping off water and following us in his truck and when we got to the creek we got into his truck bed and he helped us cross it. As we got out of the super woody spots it became a beautiful run, the stars shone brightly and in multitudes, we talked about chasing the dream and risking it all, and it became a really good run that I think I might never forget. we averaged probably like 7:30 for the 13 we did together and then I went like 6:40-6:10-5:10 because I wanted to see if I could pick it up and feel smooth. I did. This will likely be one of my last long runs ever with Riley since he's moving to Providence to train with an elite group of distance runners for hopefully the next several years. He's really shown me what it's like to be a man, and has been one of my closest friends and mentor over the past couple years; starting when he first moved to McHenry to help us out in 2017. I'm gonna miss these runs and these talks, there won't be a lot more of them


  • Andrew D Pilat  (12/16/2019 7:22:15 PM) 

    This might possibly take the cake for one of the top memories in my life. I love what this sport has given to me. It's given me friends, family, and memories for a life time. It's given me life. There's no greater feeling than running a race and being on the final straightaway just dead, absolutely dead, giving it your all. There's no greater feeling than going on a run with one of your greatest mentors/friends at the dead of night, under the stars, talking about your dreams and aspirations. It's days like these that show me that it is worth it all. That no matter the lows, there will be precious, invaluable moments such as these