The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Monday, July 22, 2019



: 150.20 lbs. : 0 bpm : 0.00 hrs. : 0.00


: 10.19 Mile(s) : 01:12:00 : 00:07:03.94 /mile : the gouchers : 0.0


: 5.82 Mile(s) : 00:38:38 : 00:06:38.28 /mile : ass shoes : 0.0

Daily Note

Was supposed to run with Carlos and highschoolers but I got there just a tad bit too late and had to run by myself for the most part. My weird back/glute thing honestly flared up pretty bad for most of the run it didn't feel better until like 6 or 7 in and then I had no troubles with it. Hopefully I can go with Horst to that massage therapist tomorrow because this has been bothering me for the past two weeks. I can run through it, but it's getting slightly worse so I want to curb it now. I caught up to a freshman around 6 miles in and he was running alone and I was like oh man did they drop you, and he's like yea it's my first time doing bridges. oh the memories, I remember my first time going 8 and doing bridges as a freshman. I got piped so hard and I had to stop on Lillian while Weaves helped me survive. This kid's name was Reuben (like the sandwich), and he was a good guy he kind of reminded me of what it was like to be a freshman and just trying to survive. I ran a couple 7:30s with him and then I did Kensington by myself and finished up and I actually felt great on the last mile. I stretched for about 5 minutes and then had to go. I'm going to double today and do core stability

PM- Had some SI joint pain again towards the end of the run but tried to ignore it the best I could. I did a lot of strides towards the end of the run, probably like around 8, and then I finished up with running for a few mins and then did core stability. I might just take some ibuprofen because I have no idea how to stop this.