The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Thursday, July 18, 2019

So so sick

Daily Note

@ my grandmas house last night around like 10 or 11 I didn't really have an appetite or anything. my stomach started to hurt so I went to the bathroom. around midnight I started vomiting, and it happened like at least 15 times. I couldn't even move because if I moved I'd just throw up. I went to take a piss and then half way through I started throwing up, and then I went to go lay down on the kitchen floor. and then I went back up to take another piss and then I did, was so light headed I fell down and everything started fading to black so I passed out on the bathroom floor. I've slept pretty much all day and ai don't know if I can run either today or tomorrow. which is a lot of days off and God I hate to see it, but theres no way I can run today my body feels so weak.