The daily log of Andrew D Pilat for Saturday, July 06, 2019

what a fantastic tempo/day


: 6.00 Mile(s) : 00:46:35 : 00:07:45.83 /mile : the gouchers : 0.0


: 12.40 Mile(s) : 01:15:00 : 00:06:02.90 /mile : the gouchers : 0.0

Daily Note

AM- ran with Sam again she felt really bad again but was able to finish

PM- Sam biked the tempo with me. we went to legends and I did the loop so many times. I was so consistent almost my most consistent workout maybe. goal was to click off consistent 5:40s but my main goal with tempos now is to stay in a consistent rhythm and not look at my watch. went 5:34-5:33-5:34-5:35-5:33-5:24(anomaly of a mile)-5:30-5:24. averaged 5:31. felt really smooth and controlled and relaxed. heart rate average was like 160 so I think that was good too. Sam took some videos and pics of me running while she was biking and I look very smooth and efficient. Sam had a 20' double, so she ran most of my cooldown with me which was nice, and then she went for like another 5' by herself. she had a better run than this morning so that was good.