The daily log of Andrew Pilat for Sunday, March 24, 2019

god's country


: 19.00 Mile(s) : 02:03:40 : 00:06:30.52 /mile : But I hardly know her : 0.0


: 3.00 Mile(s) : 00:21:37 : 00:07:12.33 /mile : But I hardly know her : 0.0

Daily Note

ran with a group for awhile, but then did the last several with jaime which were pretty good. felt alright, hamstrings were kind of tight so I'm just going to stretch more and roll out more throughout the day. good long run though, although I kind of wished I hadn't stopped at the creek to take my shoes off and walked over and just went through and kept running. would've been around 90 this week if I didn't have a race and was allowed to run on monday. however, I'm fine with it, I still got a lot of work in so I'm alright with it