The daily log of Andrew Pilat for Friday, March 01, 2019

am-lake trails pm- easy tempo


: 6.15 Mile(s) : 00:45:00 : 00:07:19.02 /mile : But I hardly know her : 0.0


: 11.20 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : But I hardly know her : 0.0

Daily Note

am- ran to lake trails with will. tried to go down a different path, but there was so many leaves I wasn't taking any chances. we went back the normal way, and then turned around and went through sperm loop. bands + balance.
pm- warm-up, drills, and then tempo at neighborhood loop. honestly broke my heart a little when she said EVERYONE was doing a 5 mile tempo. so of course, will and I tried to bargain with her for a 7, she said 6 for sure, and possibly 7. no watches were allowed which kind of sucked, but I was fine with it. we had to talk to one another and keep it light hearted for the first few laps before we could pick it up. I stayed with Will and Nick for the whole thing. We went at a respectable pace (5:30 avg for 6.2 miles) It was honestly probably the easiest tempo I've ran since I got here. I had to shit kind of bad, but it didn't really affect my running too bad. Will and I were about to go 7, but she said we were done, which I suppose is fine. especially since she said we could go 8 for the tempo next week! some strides after, and cool down with riley and will. felt super positive on this whole thing and had a good day. stretched, hurdle drills, and planks after all of this


  • bigfoot  (3/3/2019 7:46:29 PM) 

    damn I wish I could read