The daily log of abby levine for Thursday, July 11, 2019

i'm lovin' it


: 7.04 Mile(s) : 00:53:18 : 00:07:34.26 /mile : : 0.0


: 4.01 Mile(s) : 00:30:40 : 00:07:38.85 /mile : : 0.0


: Completed

Daily Note

AM: o&b along the bike trail from Coach K and then lift after. Legs not thrilled with the turnaround after the hills last night but the flatness made this okay. My quads would like to know who signed off on squats tho bc rip
PM: dirty thirty with Wade and Emmy along the river, felt v solid bc it was flat and short. Didn't want to start doubling til I had to but hitting 65 this week felt appropriate