The daily log of SHREK for Wednesday, April 10, 2019

updoors tempo


: 0.00 lbs. : 47 bpm : 0.00 hrs. : 0.00


: 4.00 Mile(s) : 00:31:19 : 00:07:49.75 /mile : Saucony Ride Blue : 0.0


: 12.00 Mile(s) : 01:30:00 : 00:07:30 /mile : Saucony Ride Blue : 0.0

Daily Note

7am: woke up at 6 and couldn't fall back asleep so did the am run early, easy 4 in the natty lands.

Prac: Ran from porter to skog through snow storm. 4 miles on updoors track. 20 minute tempo on updoors track. Splits: 5:39, 5:35, 5:35, 5:30 pace last 3ish minutes. Strides, then 3 mile cool down and back to porter. Felt pretty good. Was kinda funny, the pace felt really easy and comfortable, I kinda zoned out during it but still hit pretty fast splits without putting much effort in. Felt like I could go really long at this pace on the given surface. But I felt like if I went 5 seconds faster per mile I would blow up, like I couldn't really go any faster without being in serious pain. Pretty funny.