The daily log of SHREK for Saturday, February 02, 2019

Final long run in NZ


: 17.50 Mile(s) : 02:00:43 : 00:06:53.88 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

Shin feels good this morning. Going to roll out and continue w planned long run. If it starts hurting I’ll stop, no point in pushing to an injury with only two meets to run left.

Pm update: Started run planning to run until I felt any pain, and if I did to stop immediately and walk back. Luckily, no pain! Theory is that while on volcano island walking around volcanic rock (very lumpy, hard, makes tough on ankles) I landed wrong on my foot that made my ankle go in bad direction which strained the muscle. It would explain pain later in the day that dissipated the next day as I was up and moving. So I think I'm pretty much in the clear now, will continue to roll and treat it and such and monitor, but full training resumes after a 1 day hiatus.

Headed over to Auckland Domain around 9. Chris and I were both doing 17.5, but he got out the door before me since I wasn't sure if I was gonna finish run or something else, so this whole thing was solo. First 5 pretty comfortable around 7 flat, though first mile was slow since to get to park there is steep downhill for .5 mile then steep uphill so that was 8:26. Miles 6 and 7 were each 6:34 and 6:31.

I was planning to do the 20 minute tempo today but wasn't 100% certain about running that hard on pavement with banged up shin, so I decided to do a longer effort at a more controlled pace, something where I felt working but always had breathing in control and never really straining. So, Miles 8-11 were 6:04, 6:07, 6:03, and 6:05. Then took an easy 7:30 mile to get some water and shit before another 3 at a steady 6:01, 6:05, 6:08. Finished with a few 8 minute miles to make 17.5.

Pretty good long run. Was good to be over with. During the 2nd up effort, the 3 mile one, I ended up running with a few 17-year-old kiwis who were doing a 3 mile tempo in the park. Cool guys, training for an upcoming race. They told me that the university running system here is trash, everyone runs for clubs in the city where they are studying. I honestly don't know which I would prefer.

Spent rest of day off feet to help recover, save an easy 30 minute walk in the afternoon. Looking forward to coming home tomorrow. It's been an awesome month, but I'm excited to get back on campus.