The daily log of SHREK for Friday, February 01, 2019

shin muscle


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Daily Note

Woke up with some pain in shin but it has lessened as I’ve been up and moved around. Def not a stress fracture, seems like a bruise.

Full story is yesterday during the final two miles of my run the muscle that runs along the outside of my shin bone in my left leg got super sore. I got back and it was really bad, I could barely walk w/o pain. So I just went to bed. Was sore all night leading to poor sleep. Woke up still hurting but after being up and moving a bit it went away.

Skipped morning run to be cautious. Went out and did easy 30 in the afternoon to test it out. Def wasn’t 100% but didn’t seem to get worse through the run. Was thinking 45 but went shorter in hopes of it healing faster, would rather have good long run tomorrow than an easy 6 today