The daily log of SHREK for Sunday, January 13, 2019

long run in nz 2: the bogus journey


: 11.26 Mile(s) : 01:19:04 : 00:07:01.31 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

F. Was planning to do 17 today with crispy with a cutdown during the second half but my body died. I got through about 6 and then gi distress struck. I probably stopped 8 or so times the last 5 miles. Got to the point where I couldn’t run more than like half a mile without stopping to try and shit. And when I did try I never could get anything really out. Just a ton of painful pressure in that area all run. Decided to call it after 11ish miles. Wasn’t worth continuing. Bad way to end the week, but still great week of training. I think problem was high peanut butter levels at lunch, that stuff gums everything up. Will know for next time. Was a cool run tho, there was another concert in hagley today. Jefferson starship played earlier so I watched the last 30 minutes of their set, and then Toto played during the run.