The daily log of SHREK for Wednesday, January 09, 2019

trail running w crispy


: 13.25 Mile(s) : 01:40:00 : 00:07:32.83 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

Slept in this morning after a late night socializing. Had beer #2 since 40s last night, a nice Mac’s pale ale craft beer. Was good.

Ran today after class. Crispy had the route, it was the hike the rest of the class was doing at the same time. Hooker valley. Was a cool run, basically running up a valley surrounded by mountains to a glacier lake. Was single file the whole way, pretty similar to trail running. Pretty crowded, were weaving in and out of people. Me n crispy took a break at the lake to swim, coldest water I’ve ever been in. Then back down. Saw the hiking group twice haha. Added on alone to reach 100 minutes for 13 badger miles, then did 4 strides. Also had beer #3 after dinner today, a golden ale. Wasn’t very good.