The daily log of SHREK for Monday, December 31, 2018



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Daily Note

Mileage last week is low, but I'm fine w it. Literally missed a day and spent about 30 hours in transit so my body was dooted. Also a number of hiking and stuff like that that I didn't count for mileage, so that also drained me a bit. Will be up this week.

Woke and broke camp. Did milford sound. Rainbows galore, one broke over camp as we drove in, another over tunnel as we got close. Has been raining last 12 hours. Did some lake walks in Milford. After we did Lake Marian which was amazing. Me n chris swam up there. Then we drove into te anu and went to a cafe to charge up and use wifi. They had awesome minced meat pies. We camped at henry creek campsite on te any lake, the first campsite down milford drive. We ran on the milford drive today. 90 minutes, chris went a little shorter. Sweet running when not on the highway. Did lake mistletoe and start of milford trek before flipping. Dinner on beach and sunset.