The daily log of OdinBules for Saturday, April 17, 2021



: 8.50 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Saucony Kinvara yeller : 0.0


: 3.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : SPIKES : 0.0

Daily Note

on down to hopkins, woke up early cause I had a weird dream and made coffee before shakeout. Was feeling good throughout sunny good vibes, read on the way to you know. Anyways warmed up for the race with the 5k gang, sadly not will tripp for much that poor guy is having troubles with a most troublesome achilles. I wore the pants and was far too hot. Anyways, went onto the track, balitmore is pretty cool by the way, I like the vibe man I guess we werent really in it but. SO the race starts I see people go out and I see james and I am tempted and I kinda feel bad for not going with him but It'd be too quick for me anyways I still went through the k in 3:04 but I shoulda give him somebody to run with anyways. Well who knwos, met a fellow hoosier on the line. I ran with a hopkins guy for most of it, just felt not great today, tired no spunk, just kinda head down. Anyways pretty much just slowed down to a slow time 16:12. There were lots of good performances I knew chris was onto a good time when he passed me. James you ran great, teddy man... Also lots of other guys julian, chris lozano charles and shane. Stickin to my plan mileage wise 70 then 60. crazy to think I have two weeks left. Not in great shape but givin er a go. Not sure about racing gettysburg for 5k I think a weekend off would be the best hting for conferences getting me feel good you know, been lots of racing, and I assume we'll do a hard basically race like effort next week, then one week taper to the end. Not sure, I've got stuff left in the 5 I do know that, but as I said I think not racing would set me up best for an arguaeably more important, not just personal odin wants to pr race, I guess I can pr anytime which reminds me of Matt persicks 5k breaking 16 Good job bud. Who knows I'll ponder it.