The daily log of Noah D. for Sunday, March 17, 2019

NYC Half


: 22.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Ride 10 RIP : 0.0

Daily Note

3 wup
13.1 - 62:39, 5th OA
6 cd

Back into the good graces of NYC. Cold and medium headwind today. Slightly new iteration of the course is probably easier than last year, but maintains some of the big hills, including the mile climb up the bridge.

Warmed up with Schrader and Jared. Race got out decently hot with a 600m downhill segment. Three or four guys pulled away early, some of the Africans and Parker. I was content to stay with the larger pack. A few miles in I was feeling good and made a hard move off the chase pack to try and latch on with the leaders. I made up half the ground but couldn’t quite connect with an appropriate effort. I knew the bridge was coming up, and some of the leaders would come back and yield to the pack. For essentially the duration of the race I settled in at the front of the chase back and ran in step with Jared. I felt strong and controlled even in the conditions. Maybe could have saved some energy tucking in, but I think it was smarter to run my race out front. Everyone seemed content to let me control it and do exactly what I wanted. Didn’t have to worrry about positioning or being clipped, just churned along. Decided to run blind and not use the watch, mile markers were way off in spots, so really had no idea what kind of pace we were running, was surprised we ran as fast as we did. I was a little nervous around mile 10 that the pack was still so big, thought I could be 4th or 14th. Kept the pace honest up another long hill, Jared came with, and by the time I checked back again Brogan was the only one there. Just tried to run as hard as I could once we entered the park with maybe 2k to go. Jared just glided away from me with maybe 800 to go, started feeling sick and couldn’t close the gap. Did my best to hold Brogan off, never really kicked but ran just hard enough. Got sick at the finish, spent an hour in drug testing, then ran 6 miles with Des to get the miles in.

Overall happy with this effort. Think I redeemed myself in the eyes of the NYRR after last year’s performance. I was strong and in control today without a massive taper. I really ran this race as if it were a marathon. I’m optimistic about the real thing coming up, packing this performance away as quickly as possible and refocusing.