The daily log of Noah D. for Friday, March 08, 2019

14 mile tempo


: 18.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Ride 10 RIP : 0.0

Daily Note

Long one today. Cool and breezy. Starting up near Lefthand, down to a L on 63rd, R on Nelson, R on 75/73rd to monarch, UTurn back down and finishing on nimbus.

14 miles in 71 min, 504 avg (505, 501, 503, 508, 502, 503, 501, 456, 503, 509, 505, 511, 506, 458)

Pleased with the effort today. I was worried in the beginning because my legs were really tired and 5 min pace felt like an ask even on the downhill. Around mile 5 I caught a second wind and pulled away from willie. Felt like I was able to really dial in and keep the effort even over the rolling hills. Just tried to click the miles by. I was able to do this without going to the well, so I don't think I dug a deep hole for myself here. Tolerated fluids well enough, Achilli held up. Good session, bodes well for the marathon if I can hold momentum. Have been having consistently solid workouts.