The daily log of Noah D. for Monday, February 18, 2019

Pacific Pursuit 10k


: 12.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Ride 10 RIP : 0.0

Daily Note

1st, 28:32

Race moved to this morning due to wind//rain last night. Weather much better this morning, if I'm making excuses is was on the warmer side than I've been used to, and a noticeable wind when leading.

Race was out more or less on schedule. Had four pacemakers, they were gone by 4k or so. Came thru 5k in 14.05 I think. That definitely felt fast. I could handle it but it wasn't quite as comfortable as I'd like.

In the absence of the pacers the lead group had decided to share 800's, and we did that fairly effectively until it was just me and Jerrell. We just slowly bled time lap to lap. I think each of us tried to ramp it up during our time out front, but just didn't have the turnover in our legs to do it. Faded to 28:32. It's not what I wanted, and it doesn't do anything for me, but if nothing else it's a good fitness indicator. Had a decent kick to hold Jerrell off in the end.

Really good event, and atmosphere. We were just missing some important factors to make this a PR day. Better pacemakers, a bigger field, perfect weather. We were all just a little too flat today to get it done.

Cooldown and off to the airport.