The daily log of Noah D. for Saturday, February 02, 2019

8 mile tempo, mile hard


: 15.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Ride 10 RIP : 0.0

Daily Note

Big one today. EBRC, pretty ideal conditions for early February. Only thing was some lingering ice, so had to turn some corners gingerly. Last mile was kind of chaotic because I wanted to make sure we finished by the track for the hard mile, so a couple U turns and ice patches slowed that down some. Spiked up for the hard mile, was a little woozy but felt strong and was able to close well. Overall happy with this one, good volume. Tempo felt controlled but my legs were tired enough that much faster would have been an ask. Kind of fell asleep the third time up the hill. Had Willie nearby for the whole thing.

459, 500, 503, 500, 457, 508, 502, 500
5min rest/shoe change
428 on the track

Also hit 100 for the first time this week. Not that it really means anything, but I'd say it's kind of a badge of honor in the running world and I'd been looking forward to it.


  • Peter Hogg  (2/5/2019 7:06:20 AM) 

    100 miles feels good, nice work