The daily log of Katie S for Wednesday, March 13, 2019



: 10.10 Mile(s) : 01:07:30 : 00:06:40.99 /mile : : 0.0


: 4.02 Mile(s) : 00:31:05 : 00:07:43.93 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

AM: Drove to the home of the wolves, Lake Hamilton High School, and hopped on their gray turf. Recess children told us to "mush!" Warmed up with the gals, dashed into a Big Red to use the bathrooms and were instructed to "stay safe out there y'all". Storm was a brewin'- super dark skies and awful cross wind. Got N8 to join me for most of my workout in between his filming. 4xmile (5:51, 5:57, 5:55, 5:48). Wind was super disorienting, leading to pretty poor pacing. Stiles suggested taking a longer break before the last mile to try to hit something faster, so took a 2:30 stand before the last one, but still didn't drop the pace nearly as much as I would've liked. 400 (77), 300 (60), and 200 (37) after. Didn't feel great, but didn't feel awful, and got some decent work in. Cd on a cool trail in the woods after. Downpour caught us the last 5 min -> showers postponed.
PM: Double with Joe and Lara once the thunderstorm blew over. Felt alright. Everything was sparkling