The daily log of Katie S for Saturday, January 26, 2019

Emily's Birthday


: 13.47 Mile(s) : 01:40:00 : 00:07:25.43 /mile : : 0.0

Daily Note

Friday evening text from Stiles surprising Megan and I will a "speed work" day rather than the 3k. Kinda nice to go into a race with no expectation and just have fun with it. Short shakeout and 20 minute warmup that felt absolutely awful, partially because my legs just felt numb it was so cold. Ran 5:23 for the mile, which is 12 seconds faster than what I ran indoor last year. Felt decent about it, lungs got wrecked it was so dry through. Took 20 minutes, then did a 15 minute tempo on the treadmill next to Megan. Started at 7 min pace, then dropped gradually to 6:20, then 6:15 for the last 5 min. Felt good and crisp by the end. Calf feels fine once I get going, but still bleh starting.
Double later with Megan and Chas on a very picturesque Constitution Trail covered in snow.