The daily log of Kelly Poretti for Thursday, March 14, 2019

25 min thresh


: 2.00 Mile(s) : 00:20:22 : 00:10:11 /mile : PurpleGreen Clifton 5 : 0.0


: 3.40 Mile(s) : 00:25:00 : 00:07:21.17 /mile : PurpleGreen Clifton 5 : 0.0


: 1.80 Mile(s) : 00:18:15 : 00:10:08.33 /mile : PurpleGreen Clifton 5 : 0.0

Daily Note

2 mi WU

25 min thresh -- mile splits were 6:53/7:17/7:41/last bit at 7:50 pace -- planned to do 25 today since I'll be working towards 30 mins at some point in the season and felt good after 20 mins so felt like I could keep going -- honestly felt really good the whole time - kinda got too comfortable going downhill before the 2nd mile and then I always kinda die once I get in Leiper but glad I was able to hit a fast time for the first mile -- will work on trying to be more even or even just the opposite next thresh but feeling a lot better mentally than I have been with these past few workouts --- felt my hip get a little tight after the downhill part right around 2 miles in but it didn't last very long and was only tightness nothing else

almost 2 mile CD -- ran a little bit back towards Leiper to meet up with everyone so it ended up being longer than usual -- felt decent quads just got really tight