The daily log of Peter Hogg for Monday, February 01, 2021

eagle creek - 8x400


: 12.00 Mile(s) : 01:26:00 : 00:07:10 /mile : Speedgoat GTX : 0.0

Daily Note

short day at work. 30deg cloudy. eagle creek at noon on the way home. about 5mi warmup then 8x400m on circle drive with 400m rest in 77, 78, 77, 77, 77, 77, 76, 75. rest in 1:52-1:55. achilles felt mediocre starting but warmed up well so went for it. probably the worst shoes for this workout. but they were perfect for finding the quarter marks on the road covered in ice. that took about 10min but finally found them. felt good on the workout. didn't know what to expect but was pretty sure I'd be between 75 and 80.