The daily log of Peter Hogg for Friday, May 17, 2019

Long - eagle creek


: 23.00 Mile(s) : 02:55:00 : 00:07:36.52 /mile : Hoka Bondi : 0.0

Daily Note

4 loops in 40:25, 41:10, 41:00, 40:25. 80deg. Legs were kind of tired to start. Second loop was the worst and then rebounded and felt back to baseline the rest of the way. This is how I like my long runs to feel. I definitely get tired, but still have plenty to keep going strong. Crazy how much I've progressed in a couple months. Anyway, got back to my car and my key wasn't in my pocket. Note to self: those shorts are OLD and the Velcro doesn't work very well. Called Laura and she brought my spare key. I ran around on the trail looking while she drove over so I got a bonus mile+ cool down. Then when I went to get in my car, the other key fell on the ground. So someone must've found it and then also found my car and put the key on the mirror or something. Big thank you to whoever that was.