The daily log of Bryan Deery for Tuesday, January 12, 2021



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Daily Note

20 min wu (2.75 mi), 10 sets of 400's with a minute rest (~3.75 mi), and 25 minute cooldown (3.5 mi) for 10 miles total. Splits were 73.7, 73.0, 73.6, 71.0, 70.8, 70.7, 68.8, 68.6, 69.6, and 69.8. Felt good throughout the workout, probs to getting an excellent sleep last night. First 4 sets I wanted to keep around the same effort, make sure that I didn't get through the first 200m any quicker than 37 seconds. I find whenever I'm doing this workout I'm always checking my time at the first 100m, then 200m and right before the lap ends, in effort to give myself an estimated time for the set. (@Ernie or coach) This is how I've always done the workout but I'm unsure as to whether I should just base it strictly off of feel? The last 4 sets I wanted to challenge myself to go under 70 seconds and progressively. After the second set of 68 secs I took a bit longer to recover so I got back up closer to 69. I'm making it a point to get in one of those 12x400's to get the last two sets under or around 67, I know that I'm around that level of fitness but it's a matter of how I'm approaching each workout. Got some core done when I got home.