The daily log of Bryan Deery for Tuesday, January 05, 2021

8x400's (& some introspective)


: 10.00 Mile(s) : 00:00:00 : : Nike Peg 36 Retro Gray : 0.0


: Completed

Daily Note

Am: Went for a 15 min walk and lift/core after. Was going to do a morning run but didn't quite get up early enough to fit it in before the workout.
Pm: 20 min wu, 8x400's with a minute rest, 30 min cd for 10 miles. Splits for the workout were 73.7, 71.6, 73.2, 71.0, 69.9, 69.9, 68.8, and 69.2. Weather was really good, not too windy and not too cold, felt good and all the reps were feeling pretty natural, like I didn't have to force any particular pace at any point. I can definitely tell that I'm starting to pick up my fitness little by little and I really enjoy coach having me and the other guys starting out with shorter workouts and building up by two sets every week. I have really come to appreciate being able to have access to a track after we lost that privilege last semester with the COVID scare. Being training on my own, I've had a lot of time on my own, thinking, wondering what opportunities will be given to me through the next 16 or so weeks, Imagining me and my crew taking that victory lap around the field of the Quick Stadium on a Saturday in May.
I realized today that my greatest aspiration for my last semester of undergrad would be to fully enjoy every minute of training with you guys. So Pat, Tom, Bryce, Ryan, Joe, Frank, Tim and anyone else who is reading this, let's make every minute of this journey count. Let's make this dream a reality.