The daily log of Bryan Deery for Tuesday, December 29, 2020



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Daily Note

Work out at Walkill's track, 20 min warm up, 6 400's with a minute rest between, and a 5 mile cooldown for 10 total. Splits were 71.2, 73.2, 72.2, 72.1, 71.1, and 70.9. Felt good, I could definitely tell that my legs weren't entirely there although it has been over a month since my last hard effort with the TT 5k. Was windy down one of the stretches of the track (the end opposite to where I started the first set), so after 3 sets I just started from the main starting line for the rest. Definitely could have taken the first lap easier and saved some energy for the other 5, but I made sure that all of the last 200's of each set were faster than the first 200, something I keep in mind for these workouts which Ernie has always expressed is that a harder effort in the last half of a set will mold into greater speed and fitness, therefore a better workout overall. Ran a longer cooldown to get to 10 for the day, core before the run.


  • Ernie Pitone  (12/29/2020 3:00:46 PM) 

    Atta boy Bry, good start. Tough the first effort back at interval to start out easy because the juices are flowing and the motivation is there. You noted it and will be better next time because of your consciousnesses.